Africa Emerge is a business consulting firm focused on opening African markets, primarily Senegal, to American business people.

Africa Emerge looks to eventually operate in the markets of agriculture, renewable energy, and technology but will begin its operations focusing on travel, land acquisition and construction for small groups and individuals.
Africa Emerge will offer ease of access, marketing resources, strategic consulting and investment opportunities to facilitate its travel and land acquisition-related goal.


In just under two years from 2016-2018, over 120 tech hubs have opened across Africa which represents a 40% growth. This showcase a maturing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa and a rising interest in the potential of local markets.
Prominent tech leaders including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma of Alibaba, and Google’s Sundar Pichai have also visited tech hubs across Africa in the past two years, launching products and looking for new opportunities. Do you want to be part of this?

Agriculture and Agribusiness

Agriculture, livestock and agribusiness are among the main dynamic sectors in Africa. Being a top priority in many African countries, they represent considerable investment opportunities in various sectors with high potential.
Food self-sufficiency policy programs have been or are being developed and implemented in many African countries with a view to becoming a job and income-generating sector that is more efficient and attractive for domestic and foreign private investors.

Infrastructure / Construction

Countries like Senegal have adopted a new development model to accelerate its progress toward emerging market status. “This strategy, entitled the Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP), now constitutes the reference for economic and social policy in the medium and long term.”
There is a new development strategy with bold actions to raise sustainably the growth potential, stimulate the creativity and initiative of the private sector in order to satisfy the high aspirations of the population for a better life. The timing has never been better to jump into the construction industry in African countries like Senegal.

Renewable Energies

With goal to preserve natural resources and meet rising energy needs, many African countries have developed policies that aim at producing agrofuels locally and many opportunities have been created for energy diversification.
In countries like Senegal for example, the national oil market has been liberalized and many investment opportunities are now available in the renewable energy sector including but not limited to Solar energy, Hydroelectricity, Biofuels, Wind energy, Power plants…

Real Estate

With Africa booming, there is a huge demand in housing. Just in countries like Senegal, there is a shortage of approximately 150,000 houses per year without accounting for its growing population. That’s the same trend almost everywhere throughout Africa.
Even though the Senegalese government has been making great strides to satisfy demand, there is a huge gap that needs to be filled by the private sector. Partner with Africa Emerge to satisfy those needs, realize big returns on your investments and positively impact the lives of locals.

Tourism & Travel

“Senegal committed itself very early in the development of tourism resulting in a voluntarism in this area, an option then an exception in West Africa. First destination in French-speaking Black Africa with no less than 700,000 tourists a year, Senegal has a tourism sector that benefits from a framework conducive to the development of private investment.” Apix
With fifteen Tour Operators on the market, partner with Africa Emerge to tailor your needs and appreciate the many types of tourism in Senegal including Business Tourism, Nature Tourism, Cultural Tourism and Health Tourism.

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