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Some of the many infrastructure projects going on in Senegal!

There are many infrastructure projects going on in Senegal! Watch the video to learn more.

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Why Invest In Senegal?

Senegal represents a competitive investment destination and offers many advantages to investors.

Located on the Atlantic coast of the African continent, Senegal by its geographical position is a privileged gateway to West Africa and offers a stable political environment.
Motivated by a strong desire to promote domestic and international private investment, Senegal has chosen to implement infrastructure projects following public-private partnership schemes. The emphasis is laid on reducing transaction costs allowing therefore the country to become a regional business hub for logistics, services and industry.

Considered a Low-Risk/High Opportunity country, Senegal represents an ideal environment for investing and doing business.
In addition, Senegal has made great regulatory reforms and a new strategy has been put in place to improve the business environment while giving support to private and foreign investments: equal treatment between local and foreign entities, foreign entities with access to raw materials, customs and tax incentives, protection against nationalization, a stable currency, free repatriation of profits and funds.

Because of its ideal location, Senegal enjoys an incomparable geographical proximity with several regions of the world. The country is also a member of institutions facilitating its regional integration in terms of the movement of people and goods.

Last not least, with the recent discovery of oil and gas in Senegal, the energy sector is entering a new era. Recoverable reserves of oil are estimated to be between 350-500 million barrels which is more than 65 000 barrels of oil per day. Gas reserves are estimated at about 590 billion cubic meters.

“Senegal offers an exceptional quality of life praised by those who settle permanently in the country, as well as by tourists. A living environment that combines tradition and modernity, overshadowed by a pleasant and sunny climate, which takes in the Atlantic Ocean’s scarf; ideal environment to achieve, work and do good business.”

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